High impact. Low cost. 

 An LD debate camp you’ll remember. 





Why MDI?



At camp, debaters boost their skills and meet new people. MDI is an intense week of fun.

Our curriculum weaves together lecture, practice, and mentoring for top-tier learning. Every year, students rave about it.



Summer debate institutes often charge literally thousands of dollars, shutting many students out. It’s sad.

We want to fix that. Our all-volunteer staff keeps costs low, making MDI one of the single most affordable camps in the country.



We welcome Lincoln-Douglas debaters of all skill levels aiming for success on their local circuit.

Our staff includes a Semifinalist at the 2013 NFL National Tournament, a two-time Minnesota State Champion, and others who’ve achieved competitive success in debate.



This year’s Minnesota Debate Institute is set for August 14-21 at the University of Minnesota.

You can stay on campus or commute each day.

For students struggling to pay for camp, we offer scholarships.

Students Served
States Served
State Tournament Qualifiers
MN Section Champions
State Semifinalists
National Qualifiers

Do big things at MDI.

From the staff we hire to the lessons we teach, our camp is top-notch. Forget stale lectures: instead of the generic debate camp experience, we’ve built something connects with campers and stands at the forefront of debate pedagogy. Our students leave each year bursting with excitement — and eager to return next summer.

Then they dive into the debate season, where they win rounds, have fun, and make their teams proud.

To deepen their debate skills, campers work one-on-one with instructors.

We asked last year’s campers for
their thoughts on the week:

would recommend MDI to a friend!

That’s an epic endorsement. Here’s what they said:

“I feel so much more equipped to go into a debate round and beat my opponent.”

“I loved meeting all of the people.”

“The staff: awesome and fun and young and fantastic. The price: literally cannot beat it. The content: you learn SO MUCH.”

“It was really fun and I learned a lot!”

“The instructors were very insightful in each and every one of their lectures.”