High-quality, low-cost debate education. We’re the Minnesota Debate Institute.


Camp allows debaters to boost their skills and meet new people. But camps can be expensive.

That’s why we offer the most cost-effective debate immersion experience possible. We’re one of the least expensive camps in the nation.

We welcome Lincoln-Douglas debaters of all skill levels aiming for success on their local circuit.

Our staff include a Semifinalist at the 2013 NFL National Tournament and a two-time Minnesota State Champion.

Check out our staff page for more info.

This year’s Minnesota Debate Institute is set for August 2-8 at the University of Minnesota.

We offer both residential and commuter options.

Visit our logistics page for details!

In our effort to offer cost-effective debate education, we’re fundraising! If you want to donate to MDI, click here to visit our donation page. Funds will support room/board for volunteer instructors and scholarships for camp attendees.