We want to see every debater grow during their week at MDI.

Campers can attend MDI for one of two kinds of debate, either Lincoln-Douglas or Public Forum. When registering, all campers will have the opportunity to share which topics they want to learn about and which skills they want to improve on. We pride ourselves in relentless self-critique: every year, we ask how we can teach even better than the year before. Then we do it.


Engaging, educational talks will give campers an opportunity to brush up on the basics and learn about advanced aspects of debate. But we’ve cast aside endless rambling: our lectures are interactive, inviting debaters to apply what they’re learning as they learn it.


Students reinforce key skills such as flowing, refutation, and word economy. In LD, we offer drill sessions that pair technical skills like extending with substantive knowledge areas like philosophy to simultaneously strengthen a debater’s grasp of both concepts. Two birds, one drill.

One-On-One Coaching

Beyond informal discussions with staff, campers will have time formally set aside to speak individually with instructors about any debate subject they want to delve into.

Practice Rounds

Each camper participates in many practice debates, getting feedback on how to improve. But we also flip it: students judge several debates, learning what rounds look like to the people who pick the winner.


New friends, silly games, exciting content: “fun” was the word campers used most to describe MDI in last year’s end-of-week survey. One student wrote that the camp “is really really fun … there are so many things I will never forget.”