Registration Form

Thanks for your interest in MDI! We can’t wait to see you at our 2018 camp. Below you will find a form that requests some essential information.

If at any point in this process you are confused or have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at We’ll respond ASAP.

Fields marked with a * are required.

If student doesn't have a cell phone, leave blank.

For residential campers. Optional. Important: Only mutual roommate requests, in which both campers list the other, will be honored.

We have a very limited number of laptop computers that students who cannot bring one may borrow during camp, so we ask that if the student owns a laptop or may borrow one from a family member for the week of camp that they do that.

In this box, please enter information regarding the debate tournaments you have attended in the past year and your performance at those tournaments. You may also include any other relevant information that you think will help us gauge your skill level and help you improve.

For example: "Birds of Prey Invitational, 2-3 Record"

It's important that you fill this out thoroughly, as we use the information to make key decisions about camp. This info allows us to meet you where you're at and take your skills to the next level. Thanks!

We use this info to help structure the camp. For instance, if you attended camp last year, in what ways do you hope the concepts we cover will stay the same and in what ways do you hope they will differ? If you're new to MDI, what do you hope we will learn and do at camp?

We really do use this info to plan the camp. We want to make sure that you get as much out of this experience as possible!